Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Radio Show

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Radio Show

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers and talk golf on the ‘Coffee Chatter’ Radio Show … now officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Radio Show 06:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory rope in your favourite pro’s favourite pro, Nic Long, to talk about his birthday trails jam that went down last week, they look back at the Dutch national champs from last weekend, give their thoughts and opinions on the new Papendal track design, plus their predictions for this weekends French national champs.

Radio Show 05:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

This week on the radio show James and Tory have a multitude of guests join the show! They chat with Tory’s golf swing coach and PGA professional, Max Cohen, catch up with the 2x Olympic Gold medalist, Maris Srombergs. David Graf sends in a voicemail to respond to some false comments made about him on the previous Radio show, and Pete Dylewski comes on after to help clear the air! 

Radio Show 04:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

This week on the radio show James and Tory chat to Tre Whyte about his latest Instagram post saying he’s off the GB program, they discus the cancellation of the last World Cup round in Rock Hill, catch up with the newly crowned World Cup Champion, Connor Fields, and ranted about how Bmx Racers always get asked about doing tricks and never get the recognition they deserve for being the racers they are!

Radio Show 03:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

This week James and Tory chat about box jumps on the track and if they could have a place if done right, the benefits and differences of riding smaller tracks vs SX tracks, the positives and negatives of implementing B Finals into Bmx racing, the race that went down in France last weekend, the Euro round going down in Verona next weekend, as well as the live callers!

Radio Show 02:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

Zap straps or Zip ties? This week James and Tory get their first review from the social media guy, Sylvain Andre. They talk about whats best for a young racer from Canada wanting to develop and improve, their weekend coaching in Edmonton, cold call friend of the show Niek Kimmann, take calls from friends, and most importantly, discussed whether or not they’re called Zip ties or Zap straps!

Radio Show 01:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

James and Tory go LIVE on YouTube … and say stuff about BMX and probably golf, you can make a tea or coffee during that part! Plus LIVE call ins from BMXers!