BemoR Advanced | No weight-limit carbon bars

February 2018

BemoR Advanced | No weight-limit carbon bars

February 2018

BemoR Advanced 8.5 -

Carbon carbon everywhere … it’s not going to be long before carbon replaces aluminium as the predominate frame material at any given BMX race. In fact, the material is becoming so prevalent that every time we hit the track we see more carbon rims, more carbon leavers, more carbon seats … and forks, well carbon forks are the de facto standard now … and yes, we are braced for the ‘steel is real’ emails … But one thing you don’t see much of is carbon bars, well once you get up to the teen’s anyway. We guess there has always been an inherent fear of them, will they be strong enough, will they break … ‘I just don’t trust them’ is what we heard a lot when we asked …

But then we got an email from BemoR, a French brand who told us they make Carbon Bars that meet and exceed all the requirements for adult riders – BMX standard NF EN 16054 category 2 (rider over 45kg) … we were intrigued!

BemoR Advanced 8.5

The standard test requires that the bars survive 200k ‘cycles of the test’ (See Video HERE) but the BemoR Carbon Bars have gone up to the 1 million mark without failure. In a more direct comparison to standard steel bars on the market, BemoR found that steel bars will begin to bend when 400kg is applied while their own carbon variety needs upwards of 600kg before failure.

All that sounds great but we still had a niggling doubt we just couldn’t get rid of … but then we found out that the most particular, when it comes to equipment, Elite rider on the circuit, David Graf, has been riding with the BemoR Carbon Bars for a few months now. That should have been enough but we fell into the trap of asking maybe our dumbest question to date … ‘Do you trust them?’ … to which Graf told us Yeah, otherwise I would not ride them! They feel good, stiff and just an all-around solid product’ … now we want a set!

BemoR Stem Grip - BemoR
Graf - BemoR Bars - BMX Mania
BemoR Individually Numbered - BemoR

The specs look good too … the 8.5” Advanced bars have a  7° back-sweep, 2° upsweep and are 72cm (28.35”) wide. They weigh in at an impressively light 470g, or thereabouts, which is approaching half the weight of the equivalent in steel.  The bars require an oversized 31.8mm stem, like the Box one, but BemoR can hook you up with their own brand stem too. Each set of the BemoR Carbon Bars are individually numbered, which we love.

The bars, manufactured in France, retail at €289 per set which is not cheap, even in the world of carbon bars, but they do look pretty special. We hope to get our hands on a set in the near future so we can give you the full run down.

For more information jump over to the BemoR site.

BemoR Stem
BemoR Stem

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