Daudet & Post take the USA BMX Titles

Joris and Alise both wrap up the 2015 titles in style

Joris Daudet 2016 USA BMX Pro Champion

An American rider has not won the USA BMX ‘AA Pro’ title in a long time.  After nine months of epic racing it was a virtual points tie going into the 2015 USA BMX Grands. Connor Fields (7 wins), Sam Willoughby (8 wins) and Joris Daudet (7 wins and most podiums) who has had an amazing 2015.

Friday nights Race of Champions was all about Fields and it looked like the title would finally stay in the US. Sam was also firing on all cylinders but the French man in the mix did not look on top form! Then came the Grands on Saturday and a different Joris turned up, untouchable. All 3 mains went to Daudet making him the 24th USA BMX Male Pro Champion and only the second French man after his boss in Chase, Christophe Leveque won in 1999. Who would now bet against Daudet in 2016 … an Olympic year!

In Women Pro is was a little more cut and dry. Redline’s Alise Post has been dominate all year on the USA BMX circuit and was not going to relinquish her Number 1 title easily. Post wrapped up the Pro title on Friday night at the Grands with a win in the Race of Champions. In Saturday’s Grands mains the only rider to beat the Pro Women’s champion was Australia’s Caroline Buchanan but with a 2/1/1 mains result  Post wrapped up the season in style. Two years in a row!

Alise Post USA BMX Number 1
Alise Post Redline
Joris Daudet USA BMX Number 1
Joris Daudet Chase

2015 AA Pro Standings

01           JORIS DAUDET

02           SAM WILLOUGHBY

03           CONNOR FIELDS

04           ANTHONY DEAN

05           NIC LONG

06           CORBEN SHARRAH

07           JARED GARCIA

08           TANNER SEBESTA

09           LOGAN COLLINS

10           DAVID HERMAN

11           JUSTIN POSEY

12           SYLVAIN ANDRE

13           LAIN VAN OGLE

14           KORY COOK


16           TRENT JONES

17           TYLER BROWN

18           JEREMY ROMMEL

19           COREY REID

20           STEVEN CISAR

2015 Women Pro Standings

01           ALISE POST

02           FELICIA STANCIL

03           BROOKE CRAIN

04           DANI GEORGE

05           AMANDA CARR


07           KRISTEN BOB

08           LAUREN REYNOLDS

09           SHEALEN RENO

10           KELSEY VAN OGLE

11           RACHEL JONES

12           SHAYONA GLYNN

13           SHELBY STACY

14           MELINDA MCLEOD

15           CARLIE FERREE

16           RACHEL MYDOCK

17           MARIANA PAJON

18           BAYLIE KORTMAN

19           VICTORIA HILL

20           TEAGAN OKEEFFE

Photos: Redline / ChaseUSA BMX

Alise Post 2016 USA BMX Pro Champion