2016 Chase RSP 3.0

The much anticipated new Chase Frame

Chase RSP 3.0 Joris Daudet

Is this the first set of images and spec. of the much anticipated 2016 Chase Bicycles RSP 3.0 race frame?

It looks like only minor modifications from the RSP 2.0 with the exception of the new ‘aero’ seat tube meaning you will need an aero seat post and clamp … luckily Elevn Racing can supply these for you.

Here’s what we have found so far …




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‘The Chase RSP frame is of the top frames in BMX and with each new version, we have been able to improve upon it. For the RSP 3.0, we took the already winning frame and made it even better, exceeded even our own high standard! The RSP 3.0 is refining the look of BMX racing and is offering riders true technical advantages.

The biggest changes for the RSP 3.0 are the Aero System Seat Tube, a refined top tube, and updated Chain Stays on the Mini – Expert Frames: ‘



Chase RSP 3.0 Frame
Eleven Aero Seat Post and Clamp

‘Aero System Seat tube – With BMX races being won by a fraction of a second, we looked on how we could help give the rider one more advantage with the new frames. Our championship winning geometry and proprietary Hydroformed tubes have helped racers all over the world, so this would be a tough task.

So when it came time to make it better, we looked at every tube on the frame to see where we could make a improvement, while keeping the integrity of the frame the same, and making sure any change would be 100% functional. We found such an advantage. Looking to gain a slight aerodynamic advantage, we zoned in on the aero design of many Road bike and Time Trial frames. 

So after careful research, we have fitted the new RSP 3.0 with what we feel is a functional advantage, an aero shaped seat tube. The aero design is a first for BMX racing frames on the seat tube and post, be we have seen the data to confirm this is a true advantage. This along with our already aero head tube can offer a small advantage that could be the difference in a victory.

The RSP 3.0 accepts an Aero seat post clamp and seat post only. Eleven offers a Pivotal Aero seat post and seat post clamp, both sold separately.

Aero Seat Post sizes:
Mini – Expert Seat Post size – 25.4 Aero Post
Expert XL and above Seat Post size – 27.2 Aero Post

New Top Tube – A new sleeker, lighter butted Hydroformed top tube graces each of the RSP 3.0 frames, helping reduce weight and refine the shape of the 3.0. 

Mini – Expert Chain stays – The RSP 3.0 also features an updated Chain Stay on the Mini, Junior, and Expert Frames.’

Chase RSP 3.0 Blue
Chase RSP 3.0 Red
Chase RSP 3.0 Spec



Photos: BMX News / BMX Racing Group WPS Inc. / Christophe Leveque

Chase RSP 3.0 Joris Daudet 2