Gear Up for Pump Track | Qualifiers Announced for September and October Events

Autum 2023

Photos by Velosolutions / Dan Griffiths

Gear Up for Pump Track | Qualifiers Announced for September and October Events

Autum 2023


Photos by Velosolutions / Dan Griffiths

The 2023 Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships is gearing up for a whirlwind journey across multiple countries. Throughout September and October, the Championships will make its stops in Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, France, Czech Republic, USA, New Zealand, and Canada, setting the stage for the ultimate clash for the coveted rainbow stripes in November.

The competition has already witnessed exciting qualifiers in China, Italy, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, and Chile, resulting in an impressive starting lineup for the upcoming World Final. As the dust settles and anticipation builds, the stage is being set for unforgettable battles on the asphalt when race day arrives.

Aiko Gommers secured her World Final ticket - Dan Griffiths

Thal, Switzerland | 2nd September

The pump track in Thal is part of the Skills Arena and is located in the immediate vicinity of the upper Lake Constance and the first hills of the Appenzeller Vorderland. It complements the sports facilities in Bützel to create a diverse range of leisure activities. The Skills Arena was completed in 2023 and consists of a pump track, a kid track, a skate park and a street workout

The Skills Arena will not only be hosting the Pump Track Worlds Qualifier but also the Pump Track Swiss National Championships in various categories on Saturday along with kids and family races on Sunday and a Scooter Contest on Friday.


Isaberg, Sweden | 9th September

Located only a couple of hours from Gothenburg, Isaberg Mountain Resort is southern Sweden´s biggest bike park, nowadays also the home of Scandinavia´s largest Velosolutions pump track! Spanning over 2600 m2, the main track is over 300 meters long and a total leg burner with a +30 second lap time! The finals of the Scandinavian Pump Track Series will go down the same weekend, so we are set for an epic pump track weekend in Isaberg!

Pump Track Isaberg Sweden - Velosolutions

Saint-Laurent de la Salanque, France | 16th September

It sure is good to be back in France, it’s the first French Pump Track Qualifier since 2019 in Lyon and it could not be a better location! Located 19 kilometers northeast of Perpignan, the beautiful town of Saint-Laurent de la Salanque is situated in the heart of Northern Catalonia surrounded by the sea and the mountains. Their pump track is 235m in total length and race ready for what is sure to be a qualifier featuring some of the world’s finest pump track riders.

Saint Laurent de la Salanque France - Velosolutions

Heipark Tošovice, Czech Republic | 16th September

Heipark Tošovice is an area full of fun, recreation and relaxation in the middle of the magnificent landscape of the Odry Hills region. Heipark began its ski operations in 2001 on the first artificially created ski slope in the Czech Republic. This popular place is full of all-year-round activities, including accommodation and catering services, and was originally created from a family-owned hill in a small village in the Moravian-Silesian region over several years.

The Velosolutions Pump Track in Heipark Tošovice was built in 2021. The playground is 2646 m2 and is part of a bike park. The main track is 225m long – with a jump line of 121m and a kids track of 52m in length – and is the biggest in the Czech Republic.

Heipark Odry Czech - Velosolutions

Baldone, Latvia | 16th September

Baldone Pump Track, where riders of all skill levels can embark on a thrilling adventure. This expansive track, spanning 1750 m2, offers plenty of space for riders to showcase their abilities and embrace the excitement. One of the track’s notable features is the jump line, designed to cater to the needs of MTB enthusiasts and provide opportunities for impressive jump tricks. Alongside the jump line, riders can also explore the wallride, a captivating structure that adds an element of gravity-defying fun to their journey. For freestyle enthusiasts, the flat box awaits, inviting riders to unleash their creativity and master mind-blowing tricks. Get ready to discover the joy of riding at the Baldone Pump Track, a perfect destination for unforgettable adventures.

Baldone Baltics Latvia - Velosolutions

Paris, Texas USA | 30th September

The quaint little town in North Eastern Texas, Paris is all set for 2023 with the down home hospitality the South is known for and is sure to be on the menu again. Covering an area of 15,000 square feet, the Pump Track Paris is located on a two-acre lot at the Love Civic Center, also home to the world-famous Eiffel Tower with the Red Cowboy Hat. The track has features like no other – Texas-style! Shades, benches and spectator areas make this a one-of-a-kind experience.

Pump Track Paris Texas - Velosolutions

Christchurch, New Zealand | 1st October

The Christchurch pump track in Bexley reserve is the biggest pump track in New Zealand’s South Island and one of the biggest in the country, freshly built in early 2023 the track has a 180m long pump track, a kids track for the wee ones and the whole thing is surrounded by a 135m long jump track around the outside.

Christchurch New Zealand - Velosolutions

Mont-Saint-Anne, Canada | 9th October

Located 45 minutes from downtown Quebec City and three and a half hours from Montreal, Mont-Sainte-Anne is recognised worldwide as a mountain biking destination, both for its downhill and cross-country infrastructures. In October 2023, Mont-Sainte-Anne will host its 28th UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and celebrate its 31st year of UCI events. On Monday, October 9th Mont-Saint-Anne will host the Canadian Pump Track World Championships Qualifier for 2023 during the World Cup on their Velosolutions Pump Track in what is set to be a crazy weekend of all things bike.

Mont Saint Anne Canada - Velosolutions

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