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Josh Whitley Halvey | Irish Rider Profiles

October 2018

Josh Whitley Halvey | Irish Rider Profiles

October 2018

Josh Whitley Halvey Irish Rider Profiles - Fifteen BMX
Name: Josh Whitley Halvey


Plate Number:  #471


Home Town:  Clonee, Co. Meath


Cycling Club:  Ratoath BMX Club


Team / Sponsor:  My Mum!


How many years have you been racing? I’ve just finished my second year.


2019 Race Class:  Will be racing 13 to 14 year old Males, looking forward to it.


Favourite place to ride / train?  Ratoath BMX track is my favourite to ride.


Favourite track you have raced?  Lucan BMX is my favourite, since it has been changed.


Favourite riders to watch?  Irish Rider, would be Matt Campbell and International would be Niek Kimmann.


Lights or beeps?  Lights at the moment.


Jump or manual?  Manual but I’m working on the jumping!


What’s your dream bike? The 2019 Stay Strong ‘For Life’ frame in green.


How did the 2018 season go for you?  Brilliant, my aim was to finish in the top 8 and I think I’ve finished up 7th.


What has been your favourite Irish event so far this year?  Lucan National Series 2018 Round 9 and 10. New bike and did really well in my Motos. Think it was my best ever race weekend.


We’ve seen you make big improvements this season, what are your goals / hopes for the 2019 season? My aim for next year is to get a few podium finishes at the nationals.


Any long term BMX goals?  Maybe represent Ireland at the Olympics on my BMX.


Josh Whitley Halvey Fifteen BMX 1
Josh Whitley Halvey Fifteen BMX 4
Josh Whitley Halvey Fifteen BMX 3
Josh Whitley Halvey Fifteen BMX 2


Frame: Pure Expert XL

Forks: Box Components Carbon

Bars: Pure P-Tech

Stem: Eleven

Grips: ODi Vans

Headset: FSA

Seat: Phaze Components

Post: Phaze Components Pivitol

Seat Clamp: Phaze Components QR


Cranks: Promax

Sprocket: Phaze Components

Pedals: Phaze Components

Brake Caliper: Promax

Brake Leaver: Promax

Hubs: Onyx Racing

Rims: Box Components

Tyres: Maxxis

Plate: Box Components Phase One


Frame: Pure Expert XL

Forks: Box Components Carbon

Bars: Pure P-Tech       

Stem: Eleven

Grips: ODi Vans

Headset: FSA

Seat: Phaze Components

Post: Phaze Components Pivitol

Seat Clamp: Phaze Components QR

Cranks: Promax

Sprocket: Phaze Components

Pedals: Phaze Components

Brake Caliper: Promax

Brake Leaver: Promax

Hubs: Onyx Racing

Rims: Box Components

Tyres: Maxxis

Plate: Box Components Phase One

Josh Whitley Halvey Fifteen BMX