Mathis Ragot Richard Joins Inspyre Bicycles

Mathis Ragot Richard Joins Inspyre Bicycles

Here’s some very interesting team news out of France, the current BMX Mecca. Mathis Ragot Richard, the epitome of BMX style, and Tangent Rift have parted ways. 2024 will see Mathis join the already stacked Elite Team at Inspyre Bicycles. See the Inspyre Press Release and introduction video below …

PRESS RELEASE | 5 Jan. 2024


We are thrilled to welcome Mathis Ragot Richard on the Inspyre Factory Team.

Mathis is a passionate and determined rider, bringing with him contagious energy and outstanding skills that will undoubtedly elevate our team.

His unwavering passion for BMX and commitment to excellence perfectly align with the spirit of Inspyre Bicycles. As a new addition to our team, Mathis will contribute to our group dynamic with his distinctive style and impressive track experience.

“Super happy to join inspyre, Dorian and I have a connection since a very long time now and I’m super stoked we could make it work for 2024 with Inspyre, being back in the frenchys family is awesome and i’m Super excited to start the season with this amazing team around me and to ride this new 4xl concorde v3 in a couple of weeks in NZ” – Mathis Ragot Richard

“It is an honor for Inspyre to welcome Mathis on board. Mathis and I crossed paths many years ago when he rode for Pride Racing. I have closely observed Mathis’s remarkable progression over the years, and his unwavering passion for BMX. His determination is truly inspiring. I am absolutely thrilled to have him back on board. Welcome back, Mathis !” Dorian RIOU – Inspyre bicycles Brand Manager

We eagerly look forward to witnessing Mathis Ragot Richard shining alongside our other team riders.

Inspyre 2024 Factory Team is now complete:

Jeremy Rencurel
Michael Bias
Mathis Ragot Richard
Mathis Jacquet
Zian Lemee
Clément Rocherieux


Team Co Sponsors:

Pride Racing Parts
Frenchys Distribution
Hurricane Tracks

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