New Year | New Ride

New Year | New Ride

2018 sees some heavy hitters in the BMX World make changes to the colours they will be rocking as the new season fast approaches. We were definitely surprised by a few of these …

Graf Prophecy 2018

DAVID GRAF: 2018 will see Graf park his solo run and set up camp with French brand Prophecy BMX, where he will not only be racing but also heavily involved in the development of the carbon Evo 3.

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Ramirez Wiawis 2018

CARLOS RAMIREZ: With the addition of the Olympic medalist, Wiawis BMX now has an Elite team to rival any in the business, expect Ramirez and Andre to do some serious damage this season!

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Stancil Powerlite 2018

FELICIA STANCIL: Injury forced Stancil and her GT to watch a huge chunk of 2017 from the sidelines but if the USA BMX Grands where anything to go by the new Powerlite BMX team have signed an Elite Women who may spend a lot of time on the podium in 2018.

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Mahieu Rift Tangent 2018

ROMAIN MAHIEU: We where surprised that Chase let France’s Mahieu slip through their fingers, especially after how good he looked in St. Etienne … Tangent Rift Rockstar may have just bagged a future dominant force! 

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Posey SSquared 2018

JUSTIN POSEY: He has not had much luck with injury lately but it’s a new year and with SSquared Bicycles now in his corner we think you’re gonna see more regular finals and podiums from Posey on the US scene.

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Sharrock Supercross BVC 2018

PADDY SHARROCK: After a year riding the ‘citizen’ for Haro UK, 2018 will see the ever stylish, Sharrock, taking to the track on a Supercross Envy BLK as part of the stacked Supercross BVC Team

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George Throdwn 2018

DANI GEORGE: After a couple of years with Dale Homes Racing, Dani has gone all factory for 2018 with new kids on the block, Throdwn. The US brand, in only their second season, can now boast a world class Elite rider in their ranks.

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Palmer Clayborn 2018

JAMES PALMER: 2018 sees Canada’s ‘Palm Dog’ trade in his Yess to join the likes of Reynolds, Posey and his partner in crime, Nyhaug under the umbrella of the Advantage Bicycle Corporation, where he’ll be on-board a Clayborn frame.

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Fleming Wiawis 2018

ZOE FLEMING: After a very successful first year at the sharp end of BMX, Wiawis BMX, are now spreading their wings worldwide and have also scooped up New Zealand’s Zoe Fleming who has been making some waves in the US recently.

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Manaton FTB 2018

CURTIS MANATON: After two UK #1 Elite titles, Curtis has traded in his Stay Strong bike for an ‘Elite’ FTB. We expect Curtis and Factory Team Bikes will be aiming to build upon the progress he made in Europe during 2017.

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