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  The Countdown to Rio is on …
The BMX Event at the Rio Olympics is fast approaching and with a venue spectator capacity of 7,500, along with the millions who will watch from their sofa, it looks like the biggest BMX event in the history of the sport is going to happen in South America between the 17th and 19th of August. Only 32 Men and 16 Women, representing 23 Nations, will be able to add ‘2016 BMX Olympian’ to their resume and get that sought after tattoo. However, the big unknown is who is going to walk away with the medals … Of the 12 Olympic BMX Medals currently in existence only 11 people can claim one, as Latvia’s Maris Strombergs owns the only 2 gold medals from the Men’s event. Can Maris repeat history and take a third gold? He won in Rock Hill last year, he won in Papendal earlier this year … Rio is a real possibility but it’s hard to separate the top group of men at the moment. Joris, Sam, Niek, Connor, Liam, Graf … the list goes on … and on. Colombia’s Mariana Pajon, the current Gold medal holder and World Number 1, would have to be the favourite for the Women’s event but again there is a group of extremely talented racers on the way to Rio who could easily spoil her party … Alise, Caroline, Stefany, Laura … you get the picture. Rio is going to be interesting to say the least … four years of the #roadtorio comes down to about 180 seconds of racing for the women and about 290 seconds for the men over 3 days …

BMX at the 2016 Rio Olympics








Rio 2016  #Olympic predictions …

Arielle Martin | USA 2012 Olympic Team

“Olympic predictions … so tough! For the women based on performance this last year I’d have to say (in no particular order), MarianaAlise and Caroline but I’d also love to see my girl Brooke Crain on that podium, I think she has a legitimate shot. She’s fresh and strong after her time off. Smulders, Hernandez, and Christensen could be podium spoilers. The men is even harder,  I’ll guess (in no particular order), JorisSamConnor, Corben, or Nic for a podium. I feel like one of those guys will get on the box this year. I would love to see the Machine ‘3 peat’ but I think he will either win or be off the podium same with Niek Kimman. Anthony Dean is a strong medal contender and you can’t count out a Colombian for a dive bomb.”

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Rio Olympic Track - BMX Bra

The 48 Riders in the hunt for Olympic Glory …

Elite Men | 32
BRAZIL: Rezende USA:  Fields | Long  | Sharrah NETHERLANDS:  Kimmann | Van Gendt | Van Gorkom AUSTRALIA:  Willoughby | Dean | Turner FRANCE:  Daudet | Mir | Rencurel GREAT BRITAIN:  Phillips | Evans LATVIA: Strombergs | Treimanis COLOMBIA: Oquendo | Ramirez ARGENTINA: Molina SWITZERLAND: Graf CANADA: Nyhaug NEW ZEALAND: Jones JAPAN: Nagasako EQUADOR: Campo RUSSIA: Komarov GERMANY: Brethauer NORWAY: Navrestad VENEZUELA: Milano SOUTH AFRICA: Dodd DENMARK: Lausten INDONESIA: Syarifudin
Elite Women | 16
BRAZIL: Stevaux AUSTRALIA: Buchanan | Reynolds USA: Post | Crain NETHERLANDS: Smulders | Van Benthem COLOMBIA: Pajon FRANCE: Valentino VENEZUELA: Hernandez RUSSIA: Bondarenko BELGIUM: Vanhoof DENMARK: Christensen ARGENTINA: Diaz GERMANY: Pries THAILAND: Carr
Rio 2016  #Olympic predictions …

Sylvain Andre | France 2016 Elite E3

“For the Men I’d go Joris, Maris or Sam. As a Frenchie I’d love to see Joris on the top of the box. If not, as a BMX fan, to have Maris winning 3 out of 3 would be awesome … but I think there are 6 or 7 guys who can win in Rio. I haven’t been watching the girls much this year but saying that … either Pajon, Buchanan, Post or Hernandez are going to win, it’s a safe bet.”

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The Rio Olympic BMX schedule …

The entire BMX event is scheduled to be shown live on BBC One & BBC Four Download the UCI / Olympic schedule HERE All times below are local Irish / UK.
17th August | Wednesday 17:30 Women’s Seeding / Time Trials SEE START LIST HERE 18:34 Men’s Seeding / Time Trials SEE START LIST HERE   18th August | Thursday 17:30 Men’s Quarter Finals – Run 1 SEE START LIST HERE 17:51 Men’s Quarter Finals – Run 2 18:17 Men’s Quarter Finals – Run 3
19th August | Friday 17:30 Women’s Semi Finals – Run 1 SEE START LIST HERE 17:38 Men’s Semi Finals – Run 1 SEE START LIST HERE 18:00 Women’s Semi Finals – Run 2 18:08 Men’s Semi Finals – Run 2 18:30 Women’s Semi Finals – Run 3 18:38 Men’s Semi Finals – Run 3 19:00 Women’s Final 19:10 Men’s Final
Olympic Track 3 - BMX BRA
Rio Olympic BMX Track 1 - Lima Junior
Olympic Track 2 - BMX BRA
Rio 2016  #Olympic predictions …

Kelvin Batey | Ireland | Multiple UCI Masters W1

“For the men I’d pick 1.Daudet, 2.Strombergs and 3.Kimmann with Graf, Ramirez, Van Gendt, Mir and Syarifudin all making the final. For Elite women … 1.Post, 2.Buchanan and 3.Hernandez with Smulders, Pajon and Christensen making the main, the rest is a lottery …”

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2016 Rio Olympic Medals

What are the odds …

The Olympic BMX odd’s from the bookies …
Paddy Power Olympics BMX Men
Paddy Power Olympics BMX Women
Yoshi - Masahiro Sampei
Pajon - Elite Trax
Rio 2016  #Olympic predictions …

Jill Kintner | USA 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal

“I think for the Guys Joris Daudet will win, he just seems like he has some momentum and can handle the big event. Maybe someone from the Netherlands, just cause they usually sneak in, and either Sam Willoughby, Nic Long or Strombergs if he’s still in it, cause the guy is a machine and already won two. For the women, Pajon, Buchanan, and Alise!!! Maybe Stefany Hernandez as a wild card. These four all seem pretty capable, but Pajon still has the edge!”

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Olympic Helmets

Olympic test event …

Olympic Test Event Women's Podium
Olympic Test Event Men's Podium

Beijing 2008 & London 2012 Olympics …

2008 ELITE MEN 1: Maris Strombergs (LAT) 2: Mike Day (USA) 3: Donny Robinson (USA) 4: Andres Equardo Jimenez (COL) 5: Rob van der Wildenberg (NED) 6: Jared Graves (AUS) 7: Sifiso Nhlapo (RSA) 8: Damien Godet (FRA)  
2008 ELITE WOMEN 1: Anne Caroline Chausson (FRA) 2: Laetitia Le Corguille (FRA) 3: Jill Kintner (USA) 4: Sarah Walker (NZL) 5: Gabriela Diaz (ARG) 6: Nicole Callisto (AUS) 7: Samantha Cools (CAN) 8: Shanaze Reade (GRB)  
2012 ELITE MEN 1: Maris Strombergs (LAT) 2: Sam Willoughby (AUS) 3: Carlos Mario Oquendo (COL) 4: Raymon van der Biezen (NED) 5: Twan van Gendt (NED) 6: Andres Equardo Jimenez (COL) 7: Connor Fields (USA) 8: Liam Phillips (GBR)  
2012 ELITE WOMEN 1: Mariana Pajon (COL) 2: Sarah Walker (NZL) 3: Laura Smulders (NED) 4: Laetitia Le Corguille (FRA) 5: Caroline Buchanan (AUS) 6: Sanaze Reade (GBR) 7: Magalie Pottier (FRA) 8: Brooke Crain (USA)  
Olympic Helmets