The New Radio Terra Carbon Frame … soon

The New Radio Terra Carbon Frame … soon

The guys over at Factory Full Tilt sent us all the salacious details on the just announced Radio Terra frame. The new carbon design, due on the market in mid-2024, is an evolution of their Solar carbon frame which you’ve no doubt seen busting out fast laps at your local track.

Radio Terra Carbon Frame 01

As with all new frames of late, a big feature of the Terra is how Radio Bikes tackled the issue of integrating the complexity of the disc brake. The company has taken what they learned their alloy Quartz frame and evolved it. In this instance Radio Bikes have gone for a sliding system rather than the popular idler arm solution and have utilised ‘a super slim low profile flatmount disc brake which is tucked away and routed through the tubing for a stealthy fit’ … and it does look pretty slick.

Radio Terra Carbon Frame 02
Radio Terra Carbon Frame 05

Some of the Key Features include …

One-piece TORAYCA Carbon construction (no bonding areas which increases strength and reduces weight).

Reinforced headtube leading to more responsive steering.

Internal cable routing.

Sliding disc brake mount which is fixed to both the axel and dropout to negate movement under hard braking.

2.4lbs / 1.09kg total frame weight.

Radio Terra Carbon Frame 06
Radio Terra Carbon Frame 03
Radio Terra Carbon Frame 04


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