Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships


The Best Places To Race Pump Track In 2021

Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships


The Best Places To Race Pump Track In 2021

Photos by Dan Griffiths | Marko Magister | Hugo Silva | Dan Milner | Velosolutions

Tommy Zula Red Bull WF2019

As the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships continues into its 4th year, we take a look at some of the best places to race the 2021 circuit.

Following the success of the last World Final in 2019 where Tommy Zula and Payton Ridenour battled it out with 70 riders from around the world in Bern, Switzerland to take home the first UCI Gold Medal in pump track racing respectively, the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships is back!

Whether your aim is to take home gold or just spend time improving your skills in this adrenalin-pumping sport, here are some of the top locations – from Fukushima  to Edinburgh, you can hone your skills year-round.

With qualifiers taking place across Europe, North America, Africa, South America, Oceania, and Asia for 2021, putting the hours in now could mean that you find yourself with a chance of winning the rainbow stripes next year.

Bariloche, Argentina
Red Bull Pump Track Barliloche, Argentina - Marko Magister

Argentina’s stunningly scenic Velosolutions Pump Track in Bariloche is near one of the most beautiful lakes in Patagonia and is truly one of a kind. Perhaps that’s why we chose it to kick off the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championship qualifiers for 2021. The track is unique and its 650m2 of modern design works perfectly for all levels of riders . Dominating the competition last year was women’s winner Renata Urrutia, from Chile, and men’s champ Adrien Loron from France. To truly test your skills, like them, make this your next pump pilgrimage.

Event date: 7th February 2021

Cambridge, New Zealand
Red Bull Pump Track Cambridge, New Zealand - Dan Grifftihs

One of the longest most sprawling tracks in our qualifying roster is also one of the most fun. The Velosolutions Pump Track in Cambridge provides a 196m track alongside a 222m jump track with a bowl between the two. In other words, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. And with a total surface area of over 2300m2, it’s well worth the hour and a half drive out from nearby Auckland.

Event date: 20th March 2021

Deqing, China
Red Bull Pump Track Deqing, China - Velosolutions

Featuring one of the longest Velosolutions Pump Tracks in the world at 425m with 14 berms and an adjacent jump line and kids track guaranteeing all round riding fun to the max and then some. That’s a lot of pumping. This Pump Park is part of the scenic “Valley Magic Shangzhu”, which offers a variety of outdoor activities, including a climbing tower, a giant labyrinth, Giant Pandas and a selection of picturesque gardens.

Event date: 24 April 2021

Springdale, USA
Red Bull Pump Track Springdale, Arkansas, USA

The Jones Center, which boasts a year-round ice arena, junior-Olympic size swimming pool, basketball court, fitness center, indoor running track, conference center, and auditorium added a Velosolutions Pump Track to its offering and hosted the first Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Final in 2018. Northwest Arkansas is one of the Nations premier Mountain Biking destinations and home to the Oz Trails. Boasting over 250 miles of premium singletrack soft track trails and an additional 100+ miles by Summer 2019.

Event date: 22nd May, 2021

Lisbon, Portugal
Red Bull Pump Track Lisbon, Portugal - Hugo Silva

Lisbon is the stunning capital city of Portugal, and is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage with striking modernism and progressive thinking. This is a spectacular set of Velosolutions Pump Tracks in Lisbon next to the famous Vasco da Gama Bridge. The main track is almost 300m in length and provides a challenging ride testing skill and endurance to the max on race day.

Event date: 6th June, 2021

Schüpfheim, Switzerland
Red Bull Pump Track Schüpfheim,Switzerland - Velosolutions

Schüpfheim is a municipality in the district of Entlebuch in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland and is a part of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve. Just look at that view! Rollsport Park is hosting this year’s Swiss Qualifier and created a space for movement for all ages combining a Velosolutions Pump Track with a skate bowl.

Event date: 19th June, 2021

Harstad, Norway
Red Bull Pump Track Harstad, Norway - Velosolutions

The big beast – Harstad Bike Park is to date the largest Pump Park in Scandinavia,  the most northern Velosolutions Pump Track in the world and it’s above the arctic circle. Two pump tracks in total; the main track has a total surface area of 1925 m2 and total length of 258 m with the second Harstad track covering an area of 1254 m2 and a total length of 154m. Who’s up for some night racing?

Event date: 3rd July 2021

Edinburgh, Scotland
Red Bull Pump Track Edingburgh, Scotland - Dan Milner

Just a stone’s throw from central Edinburgh the Skelf pump track sits at the bottom of the huge volcanic monument, Arthur’s Seat. The 160m track is compact with lots of interconnecting sections and transfer lines, providing lots of opportunities for challenges.

Event date: 12th July, 2021

Fukushima, Japan
Red Bull Pump Track Fukushima, Japan - Velosolutions

The Shinchi Pump Park by Velosolutions is built on the Fisherman Disaster Prevention Green Space Park, the area was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The reclaimed area near Fukushima is now a big recreation area and memorial. With 3 custom designed tracks, catering for various skill levels and challenges covering a total space of 5000m2 with a combined total track length of 555m.

Event date: 29th August 2021

Preliminary 2021 Qualifiers:

Bariloche, Argentina | 07 February       

Cambridge, New Zealand | 20 March

Durban, South Africa | 21 March

Deqing, China | 24 April

Gaston County, USA | 15 May

Springdale, Arkansas, USA | 22 May

Genk, Belgium | 23 May

Paris, Texas, USA | 29 May

Beijing, China | 29 May

Lisbon, Portugal | 05 June

Gambetolla, Italy | 12 June

Orivesi, Finland | 19 June

Schüpfheim, Switzerland | 19 June

Harstad, Norway | 03 July

Edinburgh, Scotland | 11 July                                    

Fukushima, Japan | 29 August


More details to be announced for below countries in 2021:









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