Stay Strong ‘For Life’ Race Frame

Stay Strong’s new race frame

The 2015 / 2016 new Stay Strong ‘For Life‘ frame is the company’s first proprietary race frame, until now Stay Strong have been customising GT frames with  beautiful custom paint and decals.

For this new project, Stay Strong’s Marco Dellisola enlisted Derek Betcher to work on the design. Betcher had previously been responsible for the Haro Carbon Clutch Frame and has just launched the stunning new Speedco Velox Carbon race frame … so he knows what he doing! For production they turned to  Kinesis in Taiwan, so you can be assured of a quality product.

Pricewise the frame is at the top end of the market even though it utilises 6061 alloy rather than the higher end 7005 … but if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on a new frame, Stay Strong is certainly one worth supporting, you all know why.

The frame comes in black, white and polished, the black is by far the best looking in our opinion although the polished looks pretty slick too. Not crazy about the white with blue decals but beauty, as always, is in the eye of the beholder. The finish of the frames is second to none, just look at those welds!

At first glance it looks like the goal of this frame was STIFFNESS on steroids. Betcher took his PTC (Power Transfer Centre) on the Haro Clutch and went into overdrive with it for the ‘For Life’ frame. The huge downtube is almost the full width of the bottom bracket shell which is wider due to the push fit BB86  Bottom. The seat tube is also wider at the bottom bracket, all adding up to what should be a very stiff and responsive frame. It’s not the lightest frame around but the weight is offset by the stiffness.


Stay Strong Ireland’s Eamonn Wyer has been riding the frame for awhile now and is impressed,

“The frame looks well built, it has lovely welds and the paint job is slick. The BB86 bottom bracket is new and allows the frame to be wider around the BB area combined with the massive downtube makes for a super stiff frame. The ride is really good, starts are awesome, feels like no effort is wasted when gating and stamping on the pedals. Manuals lovely and jumps like a flea. Corners are lively. Best frame yet. Well done Marco.”


Available in Expert, Pro, XL and XXL and 24″ sizes, check out Stay Strong’s site for more info.


See Eamonn Wyer’s bike check HERE