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January 2016

Steven Cisar BMX Bike Check
Steven Cisar #943 is arguably one of the most stylish and gifted modern day BMX racers. In 2008 he was at the pinnacle of the sport with a second place at the UCI World Championship in China just behind Stromgbergs. He was almost certainly going to the Olympics that year as part of the US squad until disaster struck at the Olympic Trials in Chula Vista.

Then … well things don’t always turn out like they should

2014 saw Cisar return to Elite BMX where he quickly proved he could still compete at the highest level. Now approaching 30 years old, Steven is scaling back his race calendar but still keeping an open mind. We hope to be watching this gifted bike rider for many years to come, he has a huge amount to offer the sport.

Check out Steven’s newly built whip below as well as some of his views on the sport today …

Frame: Avent Ceez XXL

Forks: Bombshell F7 Carbon

Bars: Stock

Stem: Stock

Grips: ODI

Headset: Bombshell

Seat: Stock

Post: Stock

Seat Clamp: Bombshell quick release

Cranks: Shamino DXR  180mm

Sprocket: Bombshell Light​

Gearing: 44/16

Bottom Bracket: Bombshell Ceramic

Pedals: Time

Brake Caliper: Bombshell V-Light

Brake Leaver: Bombshell quick adjust

Hubs: Bombshell straight pull

Rims: Bombshell SL 32h | Bombshell SL Carbon 28h

Tyres: Vee Tire Co. MK3 | Speedster ​  1.95 front | 1.75 rear

Plate: Stasis Racing


Steven Cisar Elite BMX - Steven Cisar
Steven Cisar Papendal Supercross - Barry Nobles
15: Any idea of the total weight?

SC: Right under 18lbs.


15: Have you got anything custom on there that only you have?

SC: My graphics always have a special custom touch but Stasis can get you something similar.


15: Do you mess with gearing for different tracks?

CS:  No, I stick with one gear for all tracks.

Steven Cisar Bike Check 2016 - Steven Cisar
Steven Cisar # 943 - Steven Cisar
Steven Cisar Bike Check 2016 Front End - Steven Cisar

15: Avent have a signature ‘Ceez’ bike. How much input did you have in the design of that bike?

CS: Frame and geometry is based off Avents frame before I came on board, I liked how it felt so we stuck with it and I had some say in what I wanted with graphics with the help of Stasis. I have a lot more input on the future model that will be completely different.


15: Should we expect to see any other ‘Ceez’ parts designed by you in the future?

CS: For sure, I have some ideas planned with Bombshell.


15: Clips or flats for pure fun riding?

CS: Flats for sure!


15: What percentage of success at Elite level would you put down to equipment / natural ability / hard work?

CS: Equipment needs to be something you fully trust and feel comfortable with, it should feel as if it’s one with you so there is no thought of your equipment in the gate.


“I don’t think I believe in natural ability any more, it all comes down to the hard work and natural belief in wanting that success you dream of. Getting there is hard work, you do whatever it takes, once it is reached the real hard work comes in and can never stop, finding an extra edge at the top makes you a workaholic.”

15: What are your plans for 2016? We see your going to race ‘select races’, where should we look for you? Will you be on the gate in Colombia?

CS: I think I’ll be staying stateside, but if something clicks who knows I might be there.


15: Do you prefer to race Supercross tracks or regular BMX tracks? We think the very technical looking Colombia Worlds track would be right up your street!

 CS: I enjoy both and yes that track looks the way it should.


15: How do you think BMX racing / tracks will evolve in the future? Will the tracks become much more extreme? We know you loved the Red Bull R.Evolution which was great to watch but the big step up and four jumps on the second straight in Rio (Test Event) didn’t go down too well.

 CS: I don’t think there will be any progression with “BMX supercross” especially with GSX dropping out. I can only see UCI making each venue the same and  call it “BMX sprint” I loved the Red Bull event  I hope to see more of that happen without the UCI.


15: What advice would you give to young riders about to turn Junior Elite? What do you wish you knew back then?

CS: Don’t be so caught up in “wanting” things whether that be sponsors, followers, special attention, results. Find a proper set up and stick with it, be thankful for what you have and what you’re doing, let your hard work show in silence … everything else follows.

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