The Supercross SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition


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The Supercross SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition

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In 2019 Supercross, for the company’s 30-year anniversary, released a limited run of 30 ‘SX250’ frame and forks using Tange Prestige Tubing and then, 3 years later for the company’s 33rd year, they dropped the cruiser version using Reynolds Tubing. Now it’s 2024, and the 35th Anniversary, so you guessed it, Supercross are about to set the SX250 free again! This release includes three models, a 20” Pro XXL version, a 26” version, as well as a 29” model. How many you ask, is there enought? Well, you’ll have to be quick as only 35 of each size is planned worldwide, with a launch date of July 5th! No pricing is available just yet but keep an eye on for an announcement soon.

Supercross SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition
Supercross SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition

The SX250’s Six Bar Frame origins date back to 1989 and evolved for over a decade at Supercross BMX, even including a version with carbon top and bottom tubes. The Six Bar design was to overcome a frame flex issue caused by the limited tubing sizes available from the steel mills at the time… “So, to solve the issue of frame flex, we added additional triangulation. By lowering the first set of seat stays and adding the second set of stays, we increased rear-end rigidity. This produced a stiffer, faster-accelerating frame, that still rode smoother than other options on the market.”

Supercross XLT Interview BMX Plus

To add even more authenticity to the SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition, the guys at Supercross revisited the “old dies and pulled out the template for the original SX250 dropout which hasn’t been used since 1999, and had that dropout laser cut out of 1/4” thick cro-mo for these frames”. 25 years later, and the new production run is closer than ever to the original, which is bound to intrigue the Supercross fans out there, not to mention the sports history buffs.

Supercross XLT Spy Photo BMX Plus

This time around the 20” and 26” models will use V-Brakes while the 29” model slaps on some discs. This is also the first time the 20” will come in Reynolds Air Hardened Triple Butted Cro-mo.

If you were paying attention to the recent ‘DirtyFest 2’ in California, you probably noticed Josh ‘Camel Joe’ Randall shredding the old school track on the SX250 35 Year Anniversary Edition … serial number 1.

Camel Joe Supercross SX250 - DirtyFest 2 2024

We are not sure yet if there will be a pre-ordering list prior to the launch date but if you want one, be ready to pounce! We’ve already got a spot on the wall picked out!

So what’s next for old school Supercross? Looking through these old BMX Plus clippings, we’d probably put money on the ‘Supercross Strong Arm’ cranks making an appearance in the future. Some bent cranks on the SX250 would look pretty cool in 2024!

Supercross SX250 BB
Supercross SX250 Gusset

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