Evolutionary, not revolutionary Supercross ENVY RS7

July 7th 2017

Evolutionary, not revolutionary Supercross ENVY RS7

July 7th 2017

It’s been 3 years since Supercross unleashed the beautiful Envy V5 on the world. Since then they have been steadily evolving the V5 … until today. It’s now time for the Envy RS7!!!


Supercross Envy RS7

Supercross BMX Press Release: 7/7/2017

Its evolutionary, not revolutionary – The Supercross ENVY RS7

10 years ago, we created the first BMX Superframe, the Supercross S7, it was developed as the ultimate BMX Race frame, and it proved to be just that. It was ultra-light, incredibly responsive, super strong and expensive. But it proved the theory that you can build a sub 3lb aluminium race frame that will last. This Superframe laid the frame work for our ENVY line of race frames and now 10 years later, we introduce you to the new Supercross ENVY RS7, the true BMX Superframe you can afford.

The Supercross ENVY RS7 utilizes our special blend of 7005 ULR ‘Ultra-Light’ triple butted, custom shaped tubing that is a direct result of working with the exotic Easton® Tube sets for over a decade. Why 7005 you ask? Well how about that it has a higher strength and yield than 6061 when it is properly aged and heat treated. Kind of a superhero of aluminium. The perfect thing for your race bike. Sound too good to be true? Yea we thought so too, but after a decade of real world testing, we can tell you it is.

Now to you Supercross fans, you will know that the 7005 ULR tubing has been being used on all our ENVY aluminium race frames for the last 10 years, so what makes the RS7 new? Well remember the first line, it’s evolutionary, well that’s what’s new. When we released the ENVY it was the best, absolute cutting edge for the time, and then we found ways to make it better, so along came the V2, then the V3, the V5 and now the RS7.

So the last 3 years while we have been perfecting carbon BMX racing technology with the ENVY BLK, we have been making notes, taking feedback and listening to what the riders around the world have been saying about the ENVY V5. All in the pursuit of building you the perfect aluminium BMX racing frame.

Evolution #1 – New wider flared Seat masts for better BB support for faster launching. You will see that all seat masts from the Micro to the Pro XXXL are now a new forming tool, each size optimized for rider weight and strength to maximize launch.

Evolution #2 – Refined butting profiles to maximize strength and stiffness while minimizing weight. Every Supercross ENVY RS7 gets new triple butted 7005 ULR tube sets that are our own custom moulds and dies specific for BMX Racing. This allows the frame to be stiffer, stronger and lighter.

Evolution #3 – Refined head tube shaping. This may seem like we are being overly critical, but we listened, and during travel, a few people stated they had problems with the airlines denting the head tubes on their ENVY’s, so we have developed a new head tube that more closely mimics the shape of the ENVY BLK head tube and has thicker bearing race seats and walls, and it internally re leaved of the extra aluminium, so while it looks like a larger heavier head tube, it is actually a stronger and lighter head tube.

Evolution #4 – New dropouts. Now while again we may sound like we are getting nit-picky, but the details all add up. The new Supercross ENVY RS7 dropouts, are still 3d CNC’d with back side releavement to reduce weight, they are now cold forged to increase the strength and durability, and while we were spending the money on the new cold forging die, we also changed the shape, ever so slightly to allow your chain tensioner to work easier by maximizing the contact patch on the end of the dropout for ease of use.

Evolution #5 – New Cold Forged Bottom Bracket Shells with cold rolled threads. We have always machined our BB threads after the final heat-treating process to ensure the truest and longest lasting threads, but now we are using a new cold forged BB shell with a tighter grain density to better handle the extra power you are putting out and the new threads are rolled rather than cut to increase the life of your frame by ensuring the threads have a longer life.

Evolution #6 – Enhanced tubing diameters, a few tube sizes have changed in outer diameters to ensure that the frame stiffness is enhanced, without adding extra weight.

Are you getting the idea yet? It is taking the Supercross Frame you have loved and refining it for an even better ride and longer lasting frame.

Evolution #7 – This may be the largest of the changes, on Pro size and larger frames, we have always had the BB lug, where the chain stays were welded into the BB lug and the Lug welded to the BB shell. By doing this we maximized the weld area over having two tubes, connect to the BB. Now on the ENVY rs7, we have taken that concept over the edge, but having the chainstays meet the BB shell at the widest point possible, and have now completely boxed in the chainstays with .058 7005 sheet aluminium so the BB area is now a larger box that we accomplished with the old lug style, and increased your launch out of the gate where it is now nearing the performance of the carbon fibre ENVY BLK.

And with that you have the new Supercross ENVY RS7. Available in 18 different sizes to fit all sizes of riders and 8 stock colours to make sure it fits your style. And if one of the 8 stock colours isn’t what you want, we still do custom anodize and powder coat to enable you to truly make your Supercross ENVY RS7 your ride.

The Envy RS7 will be available worldwide from July 31st, 2017 at a MSRP of $649 … check out you local dealer or the Supercross BMX site …


See our interview with Supercross BMX’s Bill Ryan HERE


Supercross Envy RS7
Supercross Envy RS7

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