2016 USA Olympic Trials

10 – 11 JUNE 2016

2016 US Olympic Trials

Last Chance Qualifier


17 riders earned a spot in the USA Cycling ‘Last Chance Qualifier’ but only would get a place on the gate for the Olympic Trials alongside the 7 already qualified and invited riders. The route to the Olympic qualifiers would turn out to have more drama than expected.


The 17 riders who raced for the last Olympic Trials spot:

Amateur Qualifiers:
Alec Bob (Plano, Texas)
Michael Boyle (Boise, Idaho)
Bryce Betts (Brentwood, California)


A Pro Qualifiers:
Hunter Pelham (Willis, Texas)
Jordan Miranda (Bakersfield, California)
Layne Gainer (Mesa, Arizona)
Zachary VanKammen (Lake Elsinore, California)


Men Elite Qualifiers:
Kenneth Gustafson (Ponca City, Oklahoma)
Elliot McGrath (New Hope, Minnesota)
Thomas Zula (Huber Heights, Ohio)
Kyle McRory (Bridgeville, Pennsylvania)
Jeremy Smith (Dayton, Ohio)
Tyler Whitfield (Rockford, Illinois)
Tyler Brown (Chula Vista, California)
Riley Stair (Folsom, California)
Tyler Faoro (Coral Springs, Florida)
Logan Collins (Mt. Juliet, Tennessee)


The early stages of the ‘Last Chance Qualifiers’ were all about Speed Co.’s Logan Collins who looked odd’s on favourite to get to the last eight the following day for the Trials … until the final rolled around. Dominant down the first straight it looked all but done until Collins slid out in the first corner taking everyone with him except for Zach Van Kammen (A Pro) and DK’s Tommy Zula (Elite Men). Van Kammen took the win and the place on the gate for the all important Olympic Trials … or so we thought. Van Kammen quickly learned that he did not qualify for the Olympics as he did not have the required 10 UCI points on 31st May 2016. The Trials place was taken away and given to Zula who finished second.

Van Kammen was not the only rider at the Last Chance Qualifiers who could not go to Rio as they didn’t have the points, there were six! Alec Bob, Michael Boyle, Bryce Betts, Layne Gainer, Zachary Van Kammen and Jordan Miranda. Somebody, somewhere, dropped the ball here!


Van Kammen - Barry Nobles
USA Olympic Trials Logan Collins - DB44

‘Super pumped to be making the Olympic long team I may not be getting to race tomorrow but it’s hell of a accomplishment for me as my first pro year. Now time to work on lots of stuff I saw I needed in the rounds and main! With that being said, Everyone is freaking out but it’s truly nothing USA BMX or UCI could do it’s just a big misunderstanding they already feel bad enough!!’ – Van Kammen

Olympic Trials


Jared Garcia (Victorville, Calif./Box-Thrill)
Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./Daylight Cycle Co.)
Jeffery Upshaw (Dayton, Ohio/Kuwahara, USA)
David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.)
Barry Nobles (Sun City, Calif./DK Bicycles)
Justin Posey (Winston-Salem, N.C./Dan’s Comp)
Tanner Sebesta (Austin, Texas/Stay Strong)


Of the 8 men on the gate for the Olympic Trials it was, as predicted, Daylight’s Corben Sharrah who dominated all day opening up a bike length or more by the end of the first straight in every race. Sharrah looked different class. It was like that for every race including the final, it was only DK’s Nobles who looked like he was gaining but his start meant he had a lot of people to get past in the final before finishing an impressive second but even he knew “it was always meant to be Corben”.

USA Olympic Trials - BMX News
USA Olympic Trials Barry Nobles - BMX News

‘Honored, humbled and excited to represent the greatest country on earth in the sport of BMX on Sports biggest stage.  A huge thank you to all family, friends, supporters throughout my journey of this crazy life that make this opportunity possible!’ – Sharrah

Corben Sharrah joins Haro’s Nic Long, who qualified by making the podium in Colombia and the UCI World Championships, on the US Olympic Men’s BMX team. The final spot is the ‘coaches pick’ and will be announced on June 23rd … did someone say Conor Fields?
Corben Sharrah - Kavin Bradner Photography
Corben Sharrah - Daylight Cycles
2016 US Olympic Trials