Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 41-60

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 41-60

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Episode 60:  Graf, Smulders & Andre

James and Tory catchup with David Graf, Laura Smulders and Sylvain Andre! They chat with each of them, catchup, see what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been doing for training but also in life …

Episode 59:  Sean Gaian

James and Tory catchup with one of their best friends Sean Gaian! They tell some funny stories of traveling together and share some laughs, talk about Sean’s decision to retire from racing, his mindset, how he felt about it, his views on the sport, his opinion on a few things and more, enjoy!

Episode 58:  Kyle Evans

James and Tory catchup with 2018 European Champion, Olympian, and Great Britain National team member Kyle Evans! They chat about what Kyle’s been doing lately, his motivation to ride, his wrist injuries, his mentality towards training and racing, his European Championship win, plus his thoughts on a few other things …

Episode 57:  Denzel Stein

James and Tory catchup with retired AA pro, many time winner on the USA BMX circuit and the People’s Champ Denzel Stein! We chat about what Denzel is up to now, get into his career as an amateur starting to win, winning the Worlds in 2007, turning AA pro and winning right away, his thoughts on SX, why he retired when he did, and some funny stories about the OG Redline days with Tory, Sam, Alise and Jason. 

Episode 56:  Shanaze Reade

On this week’s show James and Tory catchup with 3x World Champion and 2x Olympian Shanaze Reade! Shanaze talks about how she came into elite, her mindset, winning back to back world championship titles in 2007/2008, her Olympic experience in Beijing 2008, how difficult that was get through, getting back on the bike, winning another world championship title, London 2012, struggles she went through after she retired, and much more! 

Episode 55:  Vincent Pelluard

James and Tory catchup with French/Colombian BMX racer Vincent Pelluard! They share some funny stories about when Tory and Vinny trained together with PH, the biggest gears Vinny used, his outstanding gate technique then get into Vinny moving to Colombia from France, switching national teams, living in Colombia in the public eye, his thoughts on it and some more fun stuff!

Episode 54:  Stefany Hernández

James and Tory catchup with 2015 World Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist Stefany Hernández! She tells her story about how she came from Venezuela and moved to Europe, became World Champion, won an Olympic bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics, and how she also struggled with hard times in her personal life and recovery from concussions she had. This is an inspiring story from an amazing athlete and person, enjoy!

Episode 53:  Pete Dylewski

James and Tory catchup with industry legend Pete Dylewski! They chat about the state of the BMX industry right now, how BMX companies are doing, sponsorship, World Cups, Pete being an agent in BMX, negotiating deals, opinions on different things and lots more!

Episode 52:  Sifiso Nhlapo

James and Tory catchup with 2x World Champ medalist and 2x Olympian from South Africa, Sifiso Nhlapo! Sifiso talks about how he got into BMX, growing up in South Africa, his first UCI World Championships, the buildup to the 2008 Olympic games, breaking his neck, coming back to a second World Championship medal, and so much more…

Episode 51:  Simone Christensen

James and Tory catchup with Danish BMX superstar, European Games gold medalist, World Cup Winner and Olympian Simone Christensen! They chat about what she’s up to right now, living at the UCI Centre in Switzerland, training with Liam Phillips, managing school and racing, how she’s accomplished great things in BMX, the Olympics, and her thoughts on a variety of other stuff!

Episode 50:  David Herman

James and Tory catchup with 2x World Cup Winner and Team USA Olympian David Herman! They chat about growing up racing amateur, turning A pro then quickly moving up to AA, racing SX, how he progressed into a world cup winner, his mindset at the races, the Olympics, his thoughts on training and what changes he made to better himself, and all things his career! He also shares some funny stories …

Episode 49:  Rich Pelton of Tangent Products

James and Tory catchup with the boss at Tangent Products Rich Pelton! They chat about how Tangent came to be, how things are going, their marketing strategy, the value in sponsoring riders, the value in social media, branding, and the best way for people to approach possible sponsors.  This is a really interesting chat about industry and sponsorship with Rich.

Episode 48:  Quarantine Catch-up

James and Tory discuss the corona virus, self-isolation, the Olympics most likely being postponed, world championships/world cups being postponed, random chit chat, and also phone up Nic Long, Brooke Crain and Lauren Reynolds to see how they’re doing, what they’ve been up to, and just to chat …

Episode 47:  Corben Sharrah

This guys doesn’t need much of an intro, but James and Tory caught up with you 2017 world Champion, 2016 World Cup Champion and all around smoothest BMX Racer on the planet Corben Sharrah!  Corben opens up about his career, a difficult period he went through, talks us through his World Championship title,  gives insight to his approach to racing and life, and more!

Episode 46:  Jeremy Smith

James and Tory catchup with one of the hottest US Pros on the circuit right now, and the new silver medalist at the US National Championships Jeremy Smith!  They ask Jeremy about his recent success, where he grew up, how he got into BMX, his years growing up in BMX, his thoughts about racing A pro then going all in and racing Elite, moving to Florida, opinions and much more!

Episode 45:  Riley House

New USA ‘A Pro’, Riley House, joins James and Tory on the latest Chatter. They delve into the start to his pro career, winning 3 out of 4 of his first races, the biggest difference between racing amateur and pro, his goals for BMX, how he and his generation view the Olympics, the state of BMX, racing pro and all that!  There is also talk about a certain Chatter video coming out …

Episode 44:  Anthony Bucardo

James and Tory have Mike Common back in studio and chat with rookie AA pro Anthony Bucardo! The boys discuss the Olympics possibly being cancelled, random chit chat, and then call up Young Shibby and chat to him about his up bringing, tough times he went through, how he handled things, his mindset towards racing and life, rapping and his BMX career. 

Episode 43:  2020 UCI World Cup Recap | Bathurst

James and Tory chat about their experiences in Australia then recap everything that happened this past weekend in Bathurst, their opinion on the situation, how it was handled and about racing being cancelled. They then have UCI Technical delegate Luke Madill on to discuss the UCI’s decisions this past weekend and how everything unfolded.  This chat with Luke is a great insight to how things get decided at BMX races by the UCI.

Episode 42:  2020 UCI World Cup Recap | Shepparton

James and Tory are joind by Rich Eames, the BMX Commertator, to chat World Cup #1 in Shepparton! They get Eddy Clerte on the phone and discuss the controversy between himself and James … both sides of the story. They also recap World Cup #1 and talk about the racing, the track, and their own experiences like Tory blowing his back out in the hotel gym Sunday morning, enjoy!

Episode 41:  World Cup Season

James and Tory chat about the World Cup season and season opener, Tory’s dream golf match he played today with a couple celebrities, James’ prep for the upcoming season, and then they get into talking about who’s going to be going fast, picks, dark horses, and show favourite Sylvain Andre stops in to chat Women’s racing and some random stuff.