Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 81-100

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 81-100

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Episode 100: Graf, André and Long

It’s episode 100 with James and Tory who wanted to do something special for this episode, so enjoy some round table discussion with some of thier OG guests, Nic Long, David Graf, and Sylvain André! They chat about a variety of topics including where the industry is  today, how the sport has changed over the years and what could be done to grow it even further. They also enjoyed hearing some funny stories from throughout their careers.

Episode 99: Eddy Clerte

In episode 99 James and Tory have young, speedy, and ever so stylish, Eddy Clerte, join them on the show. They chat with Eddy about his come up in the sport, where he developed his skills and unique style, what its like working with Thomas Allier as his coach, his mindset when it comes to racing BMX, and what the situation is with him and the French team.

Episode 98:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

In this week’s show James and Tory discuss the upcoming World Cup in Verona and all the logistics involved for riders and teams who are planning on going, they discussed the Olympic qualification system and how it affects the countries vs the individuals. They talk about the power of having ‘home track’ advantage, and also answered some Quick Shot questions from the internet.

Episode 97: Justin Wahl

In episode 81 James and Tory are joined by the man behind USA BMX’s social media, Justin Wahl. They chat with Justin about his role at USA BMX and what it entails, how he got into the position, and what he plans to do with it moving forward. They also discuss the possibility of having pre and post-race press conferences at USA BMX events, and have a debate about what events classify as ‘Majors’ in our sport and how it effects The BMX Grand Slam.

Episode 96: Rock Hill Recap

This time out James and Tory recap the Pro Racing in Rock Hill, talk about the Elite Men and Women’s classes, some amateur controversy, take a few calls from listeners and talk about the most iconic World Championships in BMX history!

Episode 95:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

In this week’s show James and Tory  talk about the kid trying to triple into Papendal’s third straight, they catch up with Pete D, they preview the Rock Hill SX race this week, chat about how no international fans are allowed at the O show this year, plus chat about this year’s UCI World Cup schedule.

Chatter TV:  Ep. 6 Carolina Nationals Rock Hill

Behind the scenes with James Palmer at the USA BMX Carolina Nationals in Rock Hill …

Episode 94:  Payton Ridenour

In episode 79 James and Tory are  joined by pump track World Champion Payton Ridenour! They ask Payton what it’s been like making the transition from Junior to Elite, her pump track world title, her views on BMX, what she likes to do in her spare time, her goals in BMX and more!

Chatter TV:  Ep. 5 Circle City Nationals

Behind the scenes with James Palmer at the USA BMX Circle City Nationals in Dothan, Alabama …

Episode 93:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory recap the Circle City Nationals in Alabama. James talks about his race weekend experience, Tory gives advice on how to enjoy/embrace the ups and downs in BMX and sport … and somethin’ somethin’ golf …

Episode 92:  Steven Cisar

In episode 78 James and Tory  catch up with 2008 World Championship Silver Medalist and all around legend of the sport Steven Cisar!  They chat with Steven about his rise through the amateur ranks, his BMX and motocross background, his first years in Elite, his 2008 World Championships silver medal, being part of the generation that started racing BMX SX, and the 2008 US Olympic Trails.  Ceez also talks about his struggle with addiction and the lowest points in his life, the experiences he went through, and how he overcame it and came back to racing BMX at the highest level.  Incredible human-being and incredible story, you will enjoy this one!

Episode 91:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat about training in bad weather, if BMX could take off with unlimited financial backing … listener calls and more!

Episode 90:  Amanda Carr

In episode 77 James and Tory  catch up with Thai Olympian Amanda Carr! Amanda chats about her retirement, everything that went down with Thai cycling, how she was unfairly treated, what led to her decision to ride for Thailand instead of the US, life as a track operator, her opinions and more! This is a really eye opening story about her journey with Thai cycling.

Episode 89:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat about the rumour that was leaked from the Japanese government about the cancellation of the Olympics, they answer a couple calls from callers and chat about Tory’s coaching post about small hill training!

Episode 88:  Cam Wood

In episode 76 James and Tory  discuss Tory’s big mountain bike ride that floored him and James’ temporary move to Florida with the boys for a training camp. They then catch-up with the winner of day 2 in Phoenix Cam Wood! They chat about his weekend in Phoenix, his first big elite win, training with Sam Willoughby, growing up in Montana then moving to Arizona, his generation coming up and being competitive in the Elite class right away, his mindset at the races and more!

Episode 87:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat about the season opener in Phoenix and everything that went down! James’ first ever USA BMX podium, Tory tweeting along to the racing, Cam Wood’s first win, they have a lengthy discussion on what happened in the B Finals, the LSKD True or False segment, if you should say what place you got at World Cups even if you didn’t make the main, calls from callers, and much more! enjoy!

Episode 86:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat about Tory’s new coaching business/website  They also preview the 2021 season opener in Phoenix this coming weekend, our thoughts on the track, the San Diego pro-am TB put on this past weekend, the difference between racing with fans and without fans, new sponsor signings in our sport (Freddy and J-Smooth) and of course the fan favourite LSKD True or False segment!

Episode 85:  Jelle Van Gorkom

James and Tory  joined by Olympic silver medalist and world cup winner Jelle Van Gorkom! They chat about his amateur career and winning multiple world titles, his early years on the Dutch national team, what it was like being on the team and being coached by Bas, how he came back from a very serious injury to win the Papendal World Cup in 2013, his Olympic experiences, and his 2016 Olympic silver medal. 

Episode 84:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat about the recent news that Jeremy Smith has parted ways with Stay Strong, they discuss the positives and negatives of countries having Olympic trials, they forbid people from ever saying ‘warm down’(its ‘cool down’), they play everyone’s favourite ‘True or False’ game, plus lots of live calls!

Episode 83:  Felicia Stancil

This week James and Tory  chat with Felicia Stancil about the recent news that she’ll be joining SSquared Bicycles and Answer BMX in 2021. They also chat with Felicia about her great performance at the Grands just a few weeks ago and how she prepared for it, what it’s been like working with her coach Sean Dwight, her experience attending University while still racing BMX, and her plans for next year and beyond!

Episode 82:  LIVE with the James & Tory Radio Show

On the radio show this week James and Tory chat with Romain Mahieu to hear about his move to GT bicycles.  Also in the the news … Felicia Stancil signs with Answer BMX/SSquared Bicycles, they discus rumours about the unknown 2021 UCI BMX SX schedule, they choose thier ideal 5 stops for a World Cup season, and debate whether they think someone could win in the Elite class without training in the gym.

Episode 81:  Grands Recap

This week James and Tory  recap the 2020 USA BMX Grands Pro Spectacular! They breakdown all the excitment including Alise’s first turn move to win her the Women’s Pro title, Riley’s dominating performance in the A Pro Class, the exciting three way battle in the Vet Pro Class, and Connor’s impressive ride to win his third USA BMX No. 1 Pro title!