Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 161-180

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 161-180

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!


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Episode 180: Bubba Harris

Bad Bubba Harris joins James and Tory for two hours to chat about what he has been up to the last few years since ‘dissapearing’ from the BMX scene, his first years in the Pro class, ruffling some feathers as a rookie pro, winning his first ABA Pro title, winning the World Championships in France, going through tough times dealing with some major injuries, and plenty of stories in between.

Episode 179: Coaches Corner

Kick away the ‘post grands depression’ with some good insight from Tory in their new ‘Coaches Corner’ segmant. Also, plenty of other standard issue bs in between, as well as the old fan favourite ‘True or False’ game. 

Episode 178: The Tulsa Recap Show

This week James and Tory break down all the excitment from this past weekends Pro Spectacular at the Tulsa race.

Episode 177: The USA BMX Grands Preview Show

This week James and Tory breakdown and give thier thoughts on the USA BMX Pro title chases. Who they think will be looking good, where they think some riders might will struggle, and riders you might not have thought to keep an eye on …

Episode 176: The Grands Pre Pre Show

James and Tory are back with another Chatter Radio to discuss their Live Show at the Grands, they talk Pro of the Year which turns into a new Chatter Award debuting at the Grands, Tory gives a Chula Vista BMX update and they answer a gate full of Quick Shot Questions!

Episode 175: Grands Contenders

James and Tory are joined by the current points leaders for the USA BMX Pro titles, Laura Smulders and Josh Mclean for a chat about how their prep for the Grands is going, their mindset ahead of the big Pro Spectacular, and more!

Episode 174: Halloween Grands Hype

James and Tory are back with another Chatter Radio and the Grands Hype is now in motion, official annoucnement of the 2nd annual LIVE Show at the Grands, the Sylvain Social Media Check in turns into a rant, BMX Grands Trivia, some great Quick Shot questions from the listeners, and a major PB&J debate …

Episode 173: Connor Fields

Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x USA BMX #1 Pro, Connor Fields, joins James and Tory for a chat after announcing his retirement from BMX Racing earlier this year. From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, Connor shares some incredible stories and moments from his career that you won’t want to miss out on hearing.

Episode 172: Chatter Radio is Back!

James and Tory are back with another Chatter Radio show, chatting some random BMX questions, some early Grands talk, would-you-rathers, a new fan favourite game, and plenty more BS in between! 

Episode 171: Colombia World Cup 2 Recap

James and Tory breakdown all the action from Rounds 7 and 8 of the UCI BMX Racing World Cup from Bogota, Colombia!

Episode 170: Colombia World Cup 1 Recap

James and Tory breakdown all the action from Rounds 5 and 6 of the UCI BMX Racing World Cup from Bogota, Colombia!

Episode 169: Daleny Vaughn

The Desert Destroyer, Daleny Vaughn, joins James and Tory on the show to chat about growing up racing BMX in Tuscon, training with Corben, her big win at The Grands last year, racing Felicia head to head for the USA sleeve this year, and some funny stories in between. They also chat briefly about this weekends Colombian World Cup and who they think you should be keeping an eye on.

Episode 168: Riley House & the Holeshot Challenge Recap

Riley House joins James and Tory to chat about his major injury last year, what the process of recovery has been like, how is outlook on life has changed, and what his plans are for the future. They also chat about this past weekends Holeshot Challenge out at San Diego BMX!

Episode 167: USA BMX Louisville Recap

James and Tory look back at the USA BMX Louisville National. The San Diego BMX Holeshot Challenge reminder! Chatties chainring bolt story, a new fan favourite game, and the question of the day, should World Championships be every two years?

Episode 166: Nikita Ducarroz

Olympic Bronze medalist in Womens BMX Freestyle, Nikita Ducarroz, joins James and Tory to chat and teach all things BMX Freestyle. They chat with Nikita about when she gotted started riding BMX, the boom of womens bmx freestyle, how the sport has changed and become more ‘professional’, her Olympic experience, the process of trying new tricks, working with J-Rich and more! Also, what would you do if you won $18 million?

Episode 165: Martijn Jaspers

Martijn Jaspers joins James and Tory on the pod to talk about what it’s like coaching the Dutch National team, the challenges he faces with a large diverse team, what it was like transitioning from professional racer to private team coach and now National team coach. Martijn also shares some of his training philosophies, the little changes he has brought to the Dutch team, and more. 

Episode 164: Chatter Radio – Connor and Vincent Retire

James and Tory  discuss Connor Fields and Vincent Pelluard‘s retirement from BMX Racing! Kam Larsen and Josh Mclean stir the pot ahead of the San Diego BMX Holeshot Challenge, Coffee Chatter bike roasts could become a thing on BMX twitter, and the question of the day, should people who test positive be banned for life? 

Episode 163: The World Champions

Your 2022 World Champions, Felicia Stancil and Simon Marquart, join James and Tory to chat about their unforgettable weekends in Nantes. They chat about their prep leading up to the weekend, how they saw their winning lap unfold, the emotions that followed after crossing the finish line, and plenty more behind the scene insights.

Episode 162: 2022 UCI World Championships Recap

James and Tory look back at the Nantes Worlds were history was made as the Rainbow stripes were handed over to the newly crowned Champions. They break down all the action from the most exciting weekend in BMX!

Episode 161: Sylvain and Laura Worlds Preview

Sylvain Andre and Laura Smulders join James and Tory for a chat ahead of this weekends World Championship race action. They chat about the track, how electric the atmosphere is going to be, which female and male riders you should keep an eye out for, and more