Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 61+

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 61+

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … now officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Episode 69:  Tony Hoffman

This week James and Tory have the pleasure of having Tony Hoffman come on to chat! Tony is a former BMX racer and Olympic BMX coach now speaking publicly around the world, inspiring others with his story, and educating people through the lessons he’s learned and the hardships he’s gone through. The way Tony shares his story and inspires others is truly amazing, we hope you all enjoy this episode!

Episode 68:  Josh Meyers

This week James and Tory caught up with the Florida kid, Josh Meyers! They chat with Josh about all things BMX from growing up racing both NBL and ABA, turning pro and racing World Cup events, how he started riding for Answer BMX/SSquared Bicycles, competing at the 2012 Olympic trials, being a father, and lots of fun BS in between!

Episode 67:  Donny Robinson

This week James and Tory catch up with the 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2009 World Champion, Donny Robinson. They chat about his work with the BMX Racing League which he co-founded, the concussions he has had to deal with throughout this career, his 2008 Olympic Games experience, his solo trip to Australia to win the World Championships in 2009  and much, much more!

Episode 66:  Kam Larsen

This week James and Tory catch up with one of the young hot American pros of today, Kam Larsen. They chat with Kam about coming up through the amateur ranks, moving up to ‘A pro’ and then jumping up into the ‘AA pro’ class and World Cup tour. He also talks about how the transition was for him and what it may look like in the the near future. They also chat about sponsorship and the state of the industry, how it has changed recently, and what it may look like moving forward.

Episode 65:  Federico Villegas

In this weeks episode James and Tory catchup with Federico Villegas! Freddy is one of Argentina’s top guys, Pan Am Games bronze medalist, and Olympic hopeful.  They chat about a bunch of different things including how Freddy got into BMX in Argentina, what its like racing in America, travelling the world with the national team, as well as some funny stories.

Episode 64:  Thomas Allier

In this weeks episode James and Tory have Thomas Allier on the show to talk all things BMX and his career! Thomas is one of the legends of the sport and greatest to ever do it. They chatted with him about his first world title in 1998, his move to the US and joining ‘The Firm’ in the process, winning his second World title in 2000, how the sport changed and evolved through the 2000’s and his experience at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing!

Episode 63:  Arielle Martin

In this weeks episode James and Tory catchup with Arielle Martin! Arielle has a fascinating story from turning pro at 15 years old, racing on the US national team, becoming the first US woman to win a world cup, making the 2012 Olympic team, and then getting hurt the day before flying out to the Olympics. Arielle is open and candid about her experiences, good and bad, and tells her story exactly how it happened and how she felt.

Episode 62:  Robert de Wilde

In this weeks episode James and Tory have BMX legend and 1999 World Champion, Robert de Wilde, on the show with us. They discuss all things Afro Bob from growing up racing in The Netherlands, to his decision to turn pro and move to the USA to race full time on one of the most iconic teams in the sport, his World Championship win in 1999, adapting to the sport as it evolved into BMX SX as we know today, his run to the 2008 Olympic games, dealing with the injuries he had along the way, and so much more!

Episode 61:  Connor Fields & Alise Willoughby

In this show James and Tory discuss USABMX’s big announcement about having the pro title decided at the Grands as a 1 day winner take all race.  They chat with the USABMX Pro Champs Connor Fields and Alise Willoughby and see what they think about the situation, how they’re doing right now, and what their mindset will be like heading into the grands this fall, with possibly not racing before that…