Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 121+

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 121+

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … now officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Episode 135: Tanner Sebesta

On this episode James and about the dumpster fire that was thier MX Fantasy and the struggles to train through a northern hemisphere winter. They chat with T-Bone Tanner Sebesta about what it’s like racing now as a Dad, being the track operator of two tracks, his breakout win in Desoto years ago, what other goals he wants to accomplish in the sport.

Episode 134: Maris Strombergs

This week James and Tory. catchup with the 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs. They chat about his changing mindset through his career, some of the struggles he delt with as he got older, his opinion on the track in Tokyo and more. They also take a guess a Sylvain’s new bike sponsor and play the fan favourite BMX Draft.

Episode 133: Molly Simpson

For the final episode of 2021 James and Tory. spend some time reflecting on the journey we’ve had to get to this point of time with the podcast and the crazy year in the BMX world. They are then joined by Canadian National Champion, Molly Simpson, to chat about the quick rise she’s made in the sport this year, her first WC podium in Turkey, her philosophy and what makes her so motivated and determined to be better. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Episode 132: A World Cup is Announced

James and Tory. with another Chatter Radio but the timing could not have been worse with the announcement of the 2022 World Cup schedule being released the morning but we’re sure you’ll enjoy this week’s story time, silly season talk, and plenty of random BS in between. Oh, and don’t forget the fan favourite, BMX Draft!

Episode 131: Barry Nobles

Your 2021 USA BMX Pro of the Year, ‘The Alabama Slama’ Barry Nobles joins James and Tory. on the show this week. Barry is a fan favourite who does it all on all types of bikes, from the racing Elite, to qualifying for the X-Games, and now living the dream driving around the country with his family racing USA BMX events and chasing the Vet Pro title along the way. Barry is one of a kind, a ‘peoples champ’, and a friend of the show.

Episode 130: USA BMX Grands Recap with Joris Daudet and Brooke Crain

James and Tory. breakdown all the action that went down over the weekend in Tulsa, plus they chat with the 4X USA BMX #1 Pro, Joris Daudet, as well as the newly retired icon of the sport, Brooke Crain

Episode 129: USA BMX Grands LIVE with Nic Long

James, Tory. and Nic discuss Men’s Pro, Women’s Pro, and Vet Pro racing from the ROC, the early action that went down at the Grands, and their predictions for the Pro Spectacular finals.

Episode 128: USA BMX Grands Preview Show!

On this weeks Chatter Radio James and Tory. break down all the anticipated race action and points battles in the Men’s Pro class, Women’s Pro class, and the Vet Pro class! Don’t forget, the boys are doing a Live Show Friday at 12 (Noon) at the Answer BMX pits!

Episode 127: Pre Grands Hype!

This week James and Tory. discuss early USA BMX Grands title thoughts and predictions. Also on the show, the Tory and Connor twitter battle, Grands Track Draft, and plenty of random BS in between! 

Episode 126: Alex Limberg

This week James and Tory. welcome South Africa’s 2020ne BMX Olympian, Alex Limberg, tothe show. They chat about growing up racing BMX in South Africa, qualifying for the Olympic Games and the Tokyo experience, what it’s been like coming over to the US and his experience racing there so far. Alex has an awesome perspective on life and racing that he also shares.

Episode 125: UCI Turkey WC Rounds 7 & 8 Recap

This week James and Tory. revist all the action that went down in rounds 7 & 8 of the UCI World Cups in Turkey in both the men’s and the women’s classes. Felicia World Cup holeshot specialist, Colombian podium sweep, Laura the women’s World Cup Goat, Mariana still a queen, Simon and his quads win another World Cup and the Overall title!

Episode 124: UCI Turkey WC Rounds 5 & 6 Recap

This week James and Tory. revist all the action that went down in rounds 5 & 6 of the UCI World Cups in Turkey in both the men’s and the women’s classes. They also delve into the track and look ahead to next weekends action with the coveted UCI BMX SX WC Overall title on the line!

Episode 123: Nic Long

This week James and Tory. catch up with Nic Long and chat about his new van plans for next season, some memories from The Grands, debate if Nic has done the most gates in the history of BMX racers and then finish off with a new BMX Draft.

Episode 122: Chatter Radio

This week James and Tory. chat about the possibility of a live show at the Grands, changes to the UCI Career Number system, the new UCI BMX Racing World Cup name, U23 now being an official Championship class at the Worlds, a quick pre Turkey WC and Grands check-in, and more …

Episode 121: Carlos Ramirez

On this weeks show James and Tory. are joined by ‘The Little Magician’, Carlos Ramirez … he chats about his second Olympic experience, winning his second bronze medal, the injury that almost forced him to sit out the games, Bogota naming the track after him, plus they all spitball ideas on how we could grow the sport in the future.