Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 101-120

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 101-120

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!

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Episode 120: Chatter Radio … Papendal UEC Recap

In this week’s Chatter Radio Show James and Tory. win at Papendal, Tory really f*cking hates Bell Mobility, James thinks keys too ‘clunky’ to carry and predictably gets locked out, both fantasize about ‘big leg dudes’ and then get a hole in one with Caitlyn Jenner and Mike Day … and some BMX stuff too.

Episode 119: Twan van Gendt

In this episode James and Tory. catch up with newly retired former world champion and 3x Olympian, Twan Van Gendt. The discuss Twan’s career, what his plans are now that he is retired, the idea behind shifting gears at the Olympics, and much more insight into this man’s fantastic career.

Episode 118: Pete D and Dr JRich

James and Tory. are joined by Pete D and Dr JRich to discuss all thing BMX including placing P9 and up, sponsorships, bike testing and reviews, tire compounds …

Episode 117: USA BMX Louisville & UEC Portugal Recap

James and Tory. are back with Coffee Chatter Radio! This time out they recap the race action that went down in Louisville and Portugal over the weekend, their thoughts on the vet pros potentially racing off the supercross hill in Louisville, the MJ factchecker segment, and they introduce the new segment, BMX draft!

Episode 116: David Graf

James and Tory. catch up with newly retired David Graf. They chat with David about the highs and lows throughout his career from the fairy tale ending at World Championships to the changes he made back in 2015 that led him into being one of the fastest racers of this generation. 

Episode 115: Papendal World Championships Recap with Niek Kimmann

It’s the World Championships Recap Show with James and Tory.! They dicessect all the action from an unforgettable World Championships in Papendal. Plus they are joined by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, Niek Kimmann, to chat about his golden month.

Episode 114: Papendal World Championships Preview

James and Tory. chat all things Papendal, give their thoughts on the track, share their predictions for racing, and discuss the wild world of comments on the chatter social media this past week …

Episode 113: Olympic Recap Show

The Olympic Recap Show with James and Tory.  They discuss all the action that went down in the men’s and women’s classes, the positives and negatives about the track, what life was like in the village, and more!

Episode 112: Pre Olympic Radio Show

On this weeks live radio show James and Tory chatted about Twan’s new Olympic bike and if they think gears are beneficial in BMX racing. They discuss the Olympic track, their thoughts on how it will ride, what celebrities they think will tune in to watch BMX racing at the games, plus they get stumped by the MJ Fact Checker segment.

Episode 111: Kyle Evans

Sit back and get comfy for this one … On this weeks show James and Tory  chat with newly retired GB legend Kyle Evans. They discuss his recent decision to step away from BMX racing, the reasons behind the decision, and what he’s getting up to now. Plus there’s the Olympics, the Euro Champs, inside GB Cycling, and lots of other stories from Kyle.

Episode 110: Radio Show

On this weeks show James and Tory bash the media, travel woes, something about AC/DC stiffing Tory on his rental car insurance, Hooker Inn, more innocent creatures get murdered, that Australian guy vows to get a tramp stamp, Olympic stuff, National Champs and the Martijn Jaspers Fact Checker …

Episode 109: Josh Mclean

On this weeks show Josh Mclean joins James and Tory on the podcast. They chat about his weekend sweep at the USA BMX race in Rockford, his decision to move to the US, chasing the USA BMX title, his thoughts on the Aussie Olympic Qualification and more!

Episode 108: Rockford and Sarrians

On this weeks show James and Tory discuss Rockford and all its glory, including Mclean sweeping all three wins on the weekend. They also talk about the UEC rounds BMX Sarrians and which guys & gals look to be coming into form for the O show next month! They also play the new fan favourite ‘MJ Fact Checker Segment’, and share recent news from within the sport.

Episode 107: Giacomo Fantoni

On this weeks show James and Tory catch up with Italian National Champion, Giacomo (Jack) Fantoni. They chat with Jack about his ‘breakthrough’ weekend in Bogota, that earned him his spot to the Olympic games in Tokyo, what it was like hosting a World Cup at the track he runs, the state of BMX in Italy right now, and he also shared some breaking news with Chatter that may surprise you! 

Episode 106: The Race

On this weeks show James and Tory chat about the finalized Olympic spots, which riders have been selected to represent their Country, the “drama” coming out of Colombia, and a surprise from Germany. They are also joined by Lindsay Reiling to talk about her newly released book, The Race. The book is written in support of Canadian BMX racer, Jack Cerney, as he fights one of the biggest battles of his life with leukaemia. *You can find the book on Amazon. All proceeds go to the British Columbia Children’s hospital leukaemia department*

Episode 105: Colombia World Cup Recap with Mariana Pajon

James and Tory discuss all things UCI Colombian World Cup! They break down all the action that went down in racing, who was going fast, which countries/riders booked their ticket to the Olympics in Tokyo and more! They also have 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and back-to-back Colombian World Cup winner, Mariana Pajon on to talk about her big weekend!

Episode 104: Colombia World Cup Preview

The live Radio Show returns! James and Tory chat about the upcoming World Cup in Colombia, who they think you should keep an eye on to be going fast, who they think will have the red plates after the weekend is all said and done, and what riders/countries you should pay attention that have Olympic repercussions on the line. They also play a new game testing their Junior World Champ knowledge thanks the Martijn “The Stats Guy” Jaspers.

Episode 103: Simon Marquart

This week we on the show James and Tory catch up with Italian World Cup winner, Simon Marquart for a chat. They talk with Simon about being the first Swiss rider to win a World Cup and the emotions behind it, how this now impacts his Olympic spot, what its like to live at the UCI center in Aigle and train with Prince Liam, and much more …

Episode 102: Verona UCI World Cup Recap

James and Tory recap the Italian World Cup in Verona. They break down all the action from the Men’s and Women’s field, chat about the Swiss dominance, discussed some of the crazy crashes and why there were so many of them, break down who they think has locked in their spot for Tokyo, and gave their thoughts on the newly formed U23 class.

Episode 101: Verona UCI World Cup Preview

It’s episode 101 with James and Tory preview the Italian World Cup in Verona and which riders they think you should keep eye on, they discussed the new Olympic qualification changes for the individual ranking spots, and they chat about which countries/riders you should be watching this weekend that have internal country battles for their Olympic spots. Tory also makes his bold prediction for this weekend’s action…