Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 181-200

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 181-200

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!


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Episode 200: Bethany Shriever, Laura Smulders, and Merel Smulders!

Bethany Shriever, Laura Smulders, and Merel Smulders join Tory and James to chat all things BMX including the progression in the women’s class, tracks getting easier, white line rulings, a quick update from each of them, and plenty more BS in between! 

Episode 199: Spicy Tulsa Recap

Tory and James recap all the excitment that went down between Izaac and Cam, what the rules are vs. what we think they should be, Saya is back in the mix, Alise was doing Alise things and winning more races, Buccardo winning US National Championships, as well as the action that went down in Junior and U23 at National champs.

Episode 198: Tulsa Preview with Sylvain Andre

Tory drops breaking news on the show, they try guess what Mariana’s breaking news could be, they give their predicitons for this weekends race action in Tulsa, Sylvain Andre joins us to chat Tulsa, track boundaries and plenty more in between.

Episode 197: The Boys are Back

Tory and James are back after a small break with a new episode. What is the best & worst advice you have ever been given? Cake flavours are discussed, Team GB does actually race BMX races, they officially have a name for the young skilled women in the Elite class, a new fan favourite ‘better or worse’ game is played and plenty more bs in between.

Episode 196: Zolder Recap and Competitive Outlooks

Tory and James look back at the UEC Zolder rounds, chat about the different outlooks on racing and training for the sport of BMX Racing, would millions of dollars change the way riders race on the track, finding the right balance between training and racing, the Top 5 American BMX racers of all time, and more.

Episode 195: Rock Hill Recap with Romain Mahieu

Tory and James discuss things Rock Hill including J-Smooth’s first win, Rico doing the 100m dash in his clip shoes, Alise and Lauren walking off in the wind, Bodi’s second wind, P-Nut sails to her first win, and Romain Mahieu joins them to give his thoughts on it all.

Episode 194: Rock Hill Preview with Ryan Tougas

Tory and James check in with Ryan Tougas to hear how things are going in the Pro class, competing in U23 at World Cups, the biggest differences he notices between racing Amateur to Pro, and more. They also preview this weekends USA BMX National in Rock Hill, SC and drop who they think you should keep an eye out for.

Episode 193: Josh Mclean

Tory and James catchup with Josh Mclean and hear how he’s recoving from his injury, getting engaged, his plans for the year, they realise they are all motocross video game nerds, Verona gets talked about, Simon is BACK, we they play the fan favourite draft game, and the question of the show: What is a good age to start riding the SX hill?

Episode 192: Alfredo Campo

Alfredo Campo joins Tory and James  on the show and chats about launching Alcavi Bikes and how it went from a dream to a reality, winning his Pan Am Gold medal, drinking from random water bottles before the Worlds Final in 2011, and plenty more bs in between.

Episode 191: Jeremy Smith

Tory and James chat with J-Smooth, Jeremy Smith, about his podium in Oldsmar, skipping Houston, how his winter training went, and his plans for the year ahead. They also chatted Aker Brand, the new features on the property, catching gators, and play the fan favourite game of Best/Worst when it comes to racing, training, and travelling. 

Episode 190: The Oldsmar Recap

Tory and James recap all the Oldsmar drama including last turn blast fest, kicks to the head, junior women cut offs, Cam is a lion, Sylvain ages like a fine wine, Izaac wins again, Molly steps up, and Laura does what she does best… win!

Episode 189: The Oldsmar Preview

Tory goes to Phoenix, his wifi is officially crap, James complains about another straightaway, the OG World Cup warmup is back, the Izaac-Wood blast debate continues, the Queen is racing Oldsmar, Sylvain goes Vet Pro, and plenty more bullshit in between.

Episode 188: The Houston Review

James and Tory call Houston the coldest place on earth for 3 days, a rivalry has formed between Izaac and Cam as they go toe to toe in the last turn, Alise goes inside the chalk, spice level is the new crazy scale, a new fan favourite game, and more. 

Episode 187: The Houston Preview

James and Tory preview the 2023 US Pro season opener in Houston, including rider breakdowns, some bold predictions, pro format changes, Olympians on new bikes, questions from the grandstands, and more.

Episode 186: The Showdown 2

Lauren and Ryan get married, James goes down with the Bengals, Sylvain and Beth face off in Manchester, BMX is way too popular, Coaches corner with Tory, Quick Shot Questions from the Grand Stands, and more.

Episode 185: Javi Colombo

Javi Colombo joins James and Tory on the podcast to chat about moving to America to race his BMX and live the ‘American Dream’, winning the 2006 World Championship in Brazil, and plenty of laughs in between.

Episode 184: Vegas Burgers

The Las Vegas National, BMX bike geometry, the differences in training now vs 10 years ago. Tory finally tries Shake Shack, James walks up stairs until he runs out of air, and much more.

Episode 183: Sarah Walker

2012 Olympic Silver medalist and 2009 World Champion, Sarah Walker, joins James and Tory to chat about the highs and lows of her phenomenal BMX career, what the build up to the Olympic games was like for her, how her mindset changed after the 2008 Olympics and agian after the 2012 Olympics, what motivated her to continue racing for so many years, and much more.

Episode 182: 2023 Predictions and Ramirez

James and Tory are back for 2023 with season 5! Tory gives his ‘Bold Predictions’ for the 2023 season, Carlos Ramirez joins the show for a check in, the Sylvain Social Media Check in has the show talking about a ‘GoFundMe’, and plenty more BS in between. 

Episode 181: 2022 In Review

This week James and Tory look back and chat all the highlights, lowlights, best and worst moments from the year. 2022!