Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 221 – 240

Coffee Chatter on Fifteen | Episodes 221 – 240

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee and listen to Canada’s Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catching up with the worlds fastest BMX racers in their ‘Coffee Chatter’ podcasts … officially on Fifteen BMX!


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Episode 240: The UEC in Zolder 

Tory and James discuss problems with the corners in Zolder, future headlines, Olympic track thoughts, Coaches Corner, and Questions from the Grand Stands …

Episode 239: Ryan Tougas

Tory and James chat with Canada’s Ryan Tougas about his recent podium in Rock Hill, as well as sharing thoughts on the Olympic track being open for practice, crying about the Bachelor season finale, and more …

Episode 238: Manon Veenstra

Manon Veenstra joins  Tory and James on the show this week to chat about her back to back UCI World Cup podiums, her rise to being one of the top women in the sport, why she isnt racing for the Dutch national team, training in New Zealand, and more. 

Episode 237: Cedric Butti

Cedric Butti joins Tory and James with his red plate from the UCI BMX Racing World Cup series …

Episode 236: Brisbane World Cup Recap

Tory and James recap all the headlines and excitment from this past weekends UCI BMX Racing World Cup rounds from Brisbane, Australia.

Episode 235: Brisbane World Cup Preview

The UCI Bmx Racing World Cup rolls into Australia this weekend and Tory and James make thier picks and break down what they think will unfold in the racing this weekend …

Episode 234: New Zealand World Cup Recap

Tory and James recap the opening rounds of the 2024 UCI BMX Racing World Cup rounds in New Zealand …

Episode 233: Rico Bearman and New Zealand World Cup Preview 

Tory and James are joined by New Zealand’s Rico Bearman for a chat ahead of this weekends UCI BMX Racing World Cup season opener in Rotorua.

Episode 232: Black Mountain Recap & More

Tory and James are back in episode 232 to discuss the Desert Classic, Cam vs Kam, the return of Huffy, the upcoming UCI BMX Racing World Cup, the fact that Tory’s Ravens suck, and plenty more BS in between.

Episode 231: Niek Kimmann

Tory and James have Olympic Gold medalist, Niek Kimmann on to catch up and chat about the 2023 season, his plans for the future, his trip to Indonesia, and lots more.

Episode 230: Cam Wood

Cam Wood joins Tory and James for a yearly check-in to chat about his rollarcoster year battling injuries, winning in another World Cup in South America, battling for the USA BMX title at the Grands, his plans for the big season ahead, and much more.

Episode 229: Lexis Colby

Lightning Lexis Colby joins Tory and James to chat about her weekend in Sarasota, what its been like stepping right into the elite class, racing World Cups, her new ride with Supercross BMX, and of course, they brought up the Spice Girls.

Episode 228: Joey Leto

To kick off Season Six of Coffee Chatter, Tory and James have Joey Leto join for a chat. They chat about his 2023 season, going to school to become a paramedic, working with Connor Fields, racing UCI World Cups, helping get Sarasota SX up and running, and plenty more.

Episode 227: 2023 Season Finale

Tory and James chat the highs and lows from the 2023 season, grading the top 10 riders in the UCI ranking, and making some bold predicitons for 2024.

Episode 226: Joris Daudet

Joris Daudet joins Tory and James on the show to chat about winning his 6th USA BMX Pro title at The Grands last month. He shares some insight and thoughts on battling for the championship during the Friday night show, the 3 main format, and plenty more about his year and his future.

Episode 225: 2023 USA BMX Grands Recap

Tory and James look back at all the happenings from the 2023 USA BMX Grand Nationals from Tulsa …

Episode 224: 2023 USA BMX Grands Preview

Tory and James preview the 2023 USA BMX Grand Nationals from Tulsa …

Episode 223: Kam Larsen

2023 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, Kam Larsen, joins Tory and James to catch-up and chat about his win in Chile, the ups and downs he has had this year, the upcoming Grands, living in Florida, Haro going under, and more.

Episode 222: Caroline Buchanan

Tory and James catch-up and chat with Caroline Buchanan about her life in the world of mountianbiking, winning the Queen of Crankworx title, competing in multiple MTB disciplines, the opportunity for her to be in the broadcast booth at the Olympics, and more!

Episode 221: Saya Sakakibara

2023 Elite Womens UCI World Cup Overall Champion, Saya Sakakibara, joins Tory and James to chat about her incredible season, winning back to back World Cup races in Argentina, the journey she has had coming back from injury, and plenty more good stories in between.