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Delving beneath the surface …

Interviews & Bike Checks

Delving beneath the surface …

Inside BMX |

Inside BMX |

Interviews with some of the biggest names in BMX Racing during the Covid19 global pandemic courtesy of Inside BMX with …

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Nic Long | New Beginnings

Nic Long | New Beginnings

Do the recent changes in the life of Nic Long, 30th birthday, just married and now a new team, stack up to a new BMX perspective …

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Simone on Tokyo

Simone on Tokyo

We catch up with one of the fastest women on the planet, Simone Christensen, to get her opinion of the Tokyo 2020 track.

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Connor Fields | One Race at a Time

Connor Fields | One Race at a Time

Although Olympic gold medal winner, Connor Fields, has been missing from the gate at the UCI World Cups so far this year, he’s still been winning races … he tells us he’s taking it all ‘one race at a time’. Interview and bike check after the jump …

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Vet Master Tyler Brown

Vet Master Tyler Brown

Masters W1, USA BMX Vet Pro #1, Chula Vista BMX track operator and owner of 316 Racing … it was about time with caught up with Tyler Brown

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Andre, Sylvain (2021)

Andre, Sylvain (2018)

Andre, Sylvain (2017)

Baauw, Judy

Batey, Kelvin (2017)

Batey, Kelvin (2015)

Bell, Steve

Bias, Michael

Blanc, Renaud 

Bucardo, Anthony

Burbidge-Smith, Harriet

Claessens, Zoé

Christensen, Simone (2019)

Christensen, Simone (2018)

Cisar, Steven

Clerte, Eddy 2020

Clerte, Eddy 2022

Colby, Lexis

Curtis, Leanna

Daudet, Joris

Daugherty, Natalee 

Dean, Anthony (2018)

Dean, Anthony (2017) 

Diamond, Steve

Etienne, Axelle

Evans, Kyle

Fields, Connor (2021)

Fields, Connor (2019)

Fields, Connor (2018) 

Fields, Connor (2017) 

Gaillard, Charly

Gayheart, Mckenzie

George, Dani

Graf, David (2021)

Graf, David (2020)

Graf, David (2019)

Graf, David (2018 A) 

Graf, David (2018 B)

Graf, David (2017)

Graf, David (2015)

Green, Charlotte

Harris, Bubba

Hernández, Stefany

Hughes, Andrew

Isidore, Quillan 

Jones, Trent (2019)

Jones, Trent (2018)

Jones, Trent (2017)

Jones, Trent (2015)

Kane, Carly

Kimmann, Justin

Kimmann, Niek (2019)

Kimmann, Niek (2018)

Krigers, Kristens

Long, Nic (2021)

Long, Nic (2020)

Long, Nic (2018)

Long, Nic (2016)

Luckhurst, Billy

Mahieu, Mahieu

Manaton, Curtis

Martin, Arielle 

Martin, Ryan

Mclean, Joshua (2021)

Mclean, Joshua (2017)

Mclean, Joshua (2019)

McLeod, Melinda 

Mireles Suazo, Kevin

Morris, Bruce

Nagasako, Yoshi

Navarro, Ugo

Navrestad, Tore

Nyhaug, Tory (2018 A)

Nyhaug, Tory (2018 B)

Nyhaug, Tory (2017)

Palmer (James)

Petersone, Vineta (2018)

Petersone, Vineta (2017)


Ramirez, Carlos

Rencurel, Jeremy

Reno, Shealen (2018)   

Reno, Shealen (2017)  

Reynolds, Lauren

Ridenour, Payton (2020)

Ridenour, Payton (2018)

Ritz, Tom

Ryan, Bill (2018) 

Ryan, Bill (2017)

Romero, KJ 

Schotman, Mitchel

Sebesta, Tanner (2018)  

Sebesta, Tanner (2017)

Shaw, Mika

Shriever, Bethany

Smulders, Laura (2021)

Smulders, Laura (2018 A) 

Smulders, Laura (2018 B) 

Stancil, Felicia

Stevaux Carnaval, Priscilla

Upshaw, Jeff 

Van Benthem, Merle (2018)

Van Benthem, Merle (2016)

Whyte, Tre 

Willoughby (Sam)